Case study:
From prototype
To success

We care about your clients, evolve with your project, and adapt to your needs at each stage.

  • Understand your business

    We love coding. And that is precisely why we know that you must not start coding until you have a very clear idea of what is exactly needed. Every minute spent here, can be a hundred minutes saved later.

    Your background makes you understand your business and believe in your business idea. We want to listen, learn, and become part of it.

    For us, understanding your business is key.

    In Dietopro this phase was specially important. Our client had already tested the market in a previous attempt, and there was a lot that could be learned from this previous attempt if you know how to learn from it. Analysing what had failed in order to design a better approach was the first thing that we did, together with him.

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    Identify the core

    Building a prototype is not easy. You need to build a proof of concept that captures the essence of the idea while staying within a budget. It may sound simple, but it is not. We have all been there: there are so many cool features to implement...

    This is the stage where the fate of your project is at stake. And you are going to hear only one thing from us: define the core of your idea and focus on it. There will be time (and budget) for everything else once you have proven the concept.

    In Dietopro we decided that our core was:

    • A very usable interview interface for dietitians to collect their patients data.
    • Artifical intelligence that could emulate the decision-making of a dietitian, providing diets ellaborated from the patient data input.
    • A reactive editor where dietitians could edit and manipulate the diets.

    And we did it.

  • Excel in the tech

    Good planning and specifications are key, but the real stuff starts right after that. The tools you choose matter, the processes you follow matter, and definitely the quality of your code matters. But these are exactly the things we love to care about.

    In Dietopro our main efforts were focused in the key parts of the software. The AI was designed and implemented with two ideas in mind: save time to the dietitians and provide better diets than any other in the market.

    The interview and the editor were built with React, creating a rich experience in the two interfaces where users spend a larger amount of time.

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    Deliver at your pace

    Projects are alive, just like you and me. They go through different stages, and they need different things at each of them.

    We are commited to provide exactly what you require from us at each step. We offer you complete flexibility. Do you need just minimun maintenance while building a user base? That's cool with us. Time to put several engineers working full time in a new module? Let's do it.

    As any other project, Dietopro has gone through all those stages. And we have gone through them working hand by hand with our client.

  • Evolve with your project

    It is not only the workload what changes through the life of a project. New technical challenges arise, better technologies appear, and you need to provide your users with cutting-edge fuctionalities.

    Dietopro has never stopped moving forward since its birth. Once the first version was published, we started building additional tools and improvements, leveraging the information provided by the users activity.

    Soon enough, we were building mobile apps in React Native that allowed the patients to check their diets, shopping list and evolution.

    And that was only the beginning.

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    Grow with you

    Not every project succeeds, but some do. And yours can be one of them. When it happens is beautiful.

    But once you are here, the hard part has already been done. Time for you to chill out and enjoy. We will take care of keeping your engines working at full speed.

    After gaining a solid user base of professional dietitians and nutrionists, Dietopro expanded creating a line addressed to gyms and sport centers: Miequipodedietistas. Our user base is growing very fast, and we are devoted to stay always one step ahead of their needs.

  • Succeed together

    Dietopro was born in February 2016. Eighteen months later, the software is being used by more than two thousand dietitians and sport centers, providing nutritional support to more than twelve thousand patients.

    Dietopro is rapidly climbing to the first position among the preferred softwares for proffesional nutritionists, being already chosen and supported by several proffesional colleges and associations.

    After successfully launching its version for gyms and sport centers, a new line designed to provide community nutrition services in schools and elderly residencies is beign cooked. Coming soon!