We are proud of our work
The Alchemist Atelier
React Native app controlling the blending machine

The Alchemist Atelier is an innovative company that is going bring perfume creation to our homes. Thanks to their Scent Machine everyone will be able to create the perfume that matches their personality and taste. We helped this great team by developing the React Native app that controls the blending machine, connecting to it via bluetooth, guiding the user through the perfume creation, allowing them to blend the perfume once it is ready and to share it with other users if they want.

React Native proved to be a technology mature enough for this kind of complex application, making the connection via bluetooth quite painless.

We also helped them building a solid back-end able to deal with the heavy traffic created by an active community.

  • React Native
  • Symfony
React Native quiz app

Public examinations are hard, and choosing the write learning tools may be critical. Aulaplus has many years of experience making easier for their students to pass their nursing exams. We helped them developing an app that made their studying hours more efficient and their chances of success higher.

Currently their React Native app helps thousands of users, training them with exams from previous years, allowing them to review the failed answers, and providing feedback that makes them understand their mistakes and learn from them.

  • React Native
  • Symfony
Club Villamar
Migration of a successful legacy project

Club Villamar is a large provider of vacation rental of villas. We helped its team to succeed in doing a complete migration of their system to modern technologies, improving processes, performance and maintainability.

Our work included the development of a search engine, mobile and desktop versions, and a complete admin system for internal management, while maintaining its visual identity.

  • Symfony
  • React
  • Elasticsearch
Testing the concept with React

Forecasts are key in business management. The ability to get information of what members of the company predict is a valuable piece of information that can be used by the management teams to improve processes and be prepared for the future.

TipToc allows to create prediction games and can be used to get real-time data of betting trends in sports or in internal corporate estimations. We developed the prototype of this idea, that is currently tested and used internally in corporate environments. The key point was to create a single page app, with attractive and accurate charts updated in real time.

  • React
  • Symfony
  • Carotene
Dietopro & Miequipodedietistas mobile
React Native to the rescue

As the business of Dietopro and Miequipodedietistas grew, it was the time to implement mobile applications that could be used by the patients to track their nutitional plans.

The challenge in this case was to be able to pivot quickly and react to the user's feedback, growing the product organically. We used for this task React Native, a member of the React family.

  • React Native
Solving the real time needs of any project

Carotene is and open source project built in Erlang that helps you implementing real-time functionalities in your project.

It is built upon our experience dealing with real-time communicationscommonly used on web and mobile apps nowadays: chats, instant messaging, notifications, gamification... After helping several of our customers to add such features to their applications, we created this technology to add these functionalities into new or existing projects.

  • Erlang
PC Componentes
Training & consulting tailored to your needs

On this case study we prepared a training completely tailored to the needs of the client, who wanted to learn how to build a REST API using Symfony 2 to modernize a large codebase. We prepared a complete tutorial on all the related aspects, such as the theory behind REST APIs, as well as practical examples on how to deal with tools like FOSRestBundle, JSMSerializerBundle or FOSOAuthServerBundle.

Trainings like this always reserve time to face any particular troubles or challenges that any member of the team has confronted or is worried with. The development of this API was the starting point to migrate the company codebase to Symfony.

  • Symfony
Going viral and dealing with it

Nowadays viral content is the real king, and this project is one proof of this. Creating interesting games is not enough, you need to know how to make their way on the social networks and search engines.

PandemicQuiz is our biggest success on this field, with millions of impressions each month and a huge pool of devoted users in several languages. As well as the social and marketing aspects, we optimized the technology to serve the content fast to lots of users, and developed real-time tools to anayse and react to changes in the user behaviour, to know better what they love and what they don't.

  • Symfony
  • Redis
  • Varnish
From prototype to success

We planned and crafted this project from a prototype to test the market to a successful and growing business in the field of nutrition B2B.

The result is a faster site, with a much more maintainable code, up to date with the best ideas of current development, fresh as new.

  • React
  • Symfony
  • React Native
Dating site with real-time communications

Dating sites are by dozens out there, but new technologies make them old-fashioned very quickly.

Goodman&Fisher is a new site for men that counts with all the features that users want to have nowadays: online webcams, instant messaging, tracking of online users and visits, gamification... Our open source project Carotene was used as the basis for all the real-time capabilities that make the site dynamic and alive.

  • Django
  • Carotene
Introducing a new technology in your team

Introducing a new tool or technology to your team is always tricky. Once you are comfortable with your everyday tools, you don't want them to change. But adapting is necessary in this job, and we can help you with it.

In this particular case we prepared an introductory course on Symfony 2 at the very beginning of this framework, before the first stable version was released. This training helped this development agency to make their first steps before many others, providing them with some very valuable advantage over their competitors.

  • Symfony
Vertical search engine with Elasticsearch

The Internet is full of stuff, and vertical search engines are key when it comes to find what you want.

Trecetas helps you finding the recipe you are looking for, or gives you ideas on what to do with the ingredients you have in your fridge. It reads from different sources, and allows users to upload their own recipes. Search engine optimization was key on this project to let users find Trecetas on Google, and the search engine Elasticsearch was the perfect tool to make searches easy and effective to Trecetas' users.

  • Symfony
  • Elasticsearch
Building a social network for roomies

Makoondi is a social network for roomies, and a search engine for rooms at the same time. It was created with the first version of Symfony, using Solr for the search engine, which allows users to filter results taking into account plenty of different aspects.

This was the first big project we collaborated with, back in 2009. Nowadays it has daily room ads, and many roommies use Makoondi's internal tools to manage their accounts, grocery lists and housework.

  • Symfony
  • Solr