Case study:
Tailored training
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PC Componentes

We provide tailored courses, preparing your team to overcome forthcoming challenges.

We help you adopting new technologies and learning how to integrate them in a running system.

  • Listen to your needs

    PcComponentes is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Spain, with more than 120 million visits and 1.4 million purchases a year. And growing.

    Migrating such a platform to a new technology is a real challenge that can become a nightmare for any team. Some extra help can be very useful in such situations.

    The engineers from PcComponentes decided to migrate their legacy PHP code to the framework Symfony, and we were asked to provide expert orientation on how to approach it. Where to start, how to proceed. As usual in these cases, teams are experts on every detail of their code, but some guidance about modern paradigms and practices is welcome.

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    Design your training

    The first thing we did was to gather as much information as possible about the state of the legacy code, the migration requirements and limitations, and the expertise of the team members. ┬┐Do they want to migrate the front as well, or will it by start migrating services to an API? It is important to focus in the topics that are more needed.

    With all that in our hands, we designed a training covering all the topics that they would have to deal with during the migration. From some general ones about the framework, to more detailed tips focused on the concrete problems they may face.

    The formation was design to provide both theoretical content and practical examples, as well as management issues. We discussed theoretical details of REST, how to do some particular queries to the database and how to make the migration look as an opportunity to do new features.

  • Provide in-house formation

    Trainings can be done remotely, but for big development teams it is always valuable to have face to face communication, where each member can ask questions at any time, and mantain a more direct contact with the trainer.

    We shared a very inspiring week with the PcComponentes back-end team at their offices in Murcia. Seeing how developement teams with such responsibility work together, and having the chance to give them a hand, is always fulfilling.

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    Level up your team

    Teams are heterogeneous. People are different, have different backgrounds, levels of experience, and opinions. Which is awesome for a team, but can be stressful when it comes to overcome a huge technical task that needs to be done in the shortest possible timespan.

    Here is where an external source of information can become especially handy. Giving some main guidelines that everyone can follow, clarifying the foundations of the technology that is going to be adopted, and suggesting some best practices that you can start applying, are things that the external team can provide and can drastically ease the upcoming months.

  • Find solutions

    Theory is useful, and your team needs to know it. But once you call for some external help, it is usually because you have some concrete problems in your hands that you need to solve.

    More than providing general information that you can find somewhere else, our goal is to equip you with a set of practical, concrete ideas that you can start applying, in order to solve the challenge that you are more worried about.

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    Answer to your questions

    We will have lots of things to say, but you will for sure have a few questions to ask as well. Solving any doubts that may arise from what you hear is part of our job. That is why we reserve space at the end of training for topics that appear during it. After every day of training, we prepared the material for this last part. In this case, we proposed to talk about the benefits of Redis in some particular scenarios. This was very helpful in later stages of the migration. After all, answers is what you are looking for, and that is why you call us.