of a successful
legacy project
Club Villamar

Your business is fully working but you need to change the technology behind in order to meet new challenges.

We are there to help and make it smooth.

  • Understand the challenge

    Your business has been sucessfully running for a few years. Your employees are happy with the system, your clients are used to your platform, and everything is going well.

    But things change fast, competition is hard, and suddenly you understand that you need to move quickly if you don't want to fall behind. The technolgy your platform is built on does not allow to face the upcoming challenges, and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

    How to achieve it causing the minimum turbulences in your business processes?

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    Immerse in the project

    Projects that have been running for years are usually huge, and full of small details that only the people working with the system on a daily basis actually know.

    The first thing you need to do is to gather as much information as possible from the running system. Fully understanding what you will have in your hands is key to perform a successful migration in a short time.

    With Club Villamar we did it by immersing in the project in a week of intensive meeting hours where their team unfolded the in and outs of their project. It was a lot of information to process in very little time, but it was priceless.

  • Follow best practices

    Rewriting your project is a challenge, but it is definitely also an opportunity. You can finally clean your code and start applying all the best practices to make it more maintainable, more stable and easier to extend.

    Apart from coders, we are also trainiers, and we care about giving the technical team in charge all the information they need to work with the new system. All the best practices in the world only mean something if you can put them into practice in your new code.

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    Make it smooth

    When your are rewriting your project it is easy to get carried out; it is an exiting time and you have a clean sheet in front of you. But you cannot get blind by all the new shiny things that you could now implement.

    First things first: we cannot forget that your main goal is to keep the system working with the minimum impact in your business processes.

    We will help you making a smooth transition keeping that priority in mind, but also making our best to leverage the new technology that is being introduced.

  • Work hand by hand

    You have a huge legacy code that needs to be rewritten in very little time. In such situation, great communication is key for the success of the migration.

    We will provide continous delivery, so that you can track the progress and provide inmediate feedback. You are the expert in your system, and your input is vital to make sure that nothing gets out of the right track.

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    Assess at every step

    We love to code and we love to do it well. You will have our informed opinion on how to approach every particular problem.

    We love theory and good practices, but we are very pragmatic too. We will provide advice trying to get the best of both worlds. It is actually simple: we will be thinking of your project as if it was one of our own.

  • Provide maintenance

    The hard part is done once the migration has been successfully accomplished, but the life of your new code will just begin.

    We will remain available to help you with anything you need in that exciting new phase.