Nacho MartínNacho Martin
Our participation in deSymfony 2017

deSymfony, the Spanish Symfony conference, is one of our favorite moments of the year. Every year we get a lot of energy from these few days with the Spanish Symfony community. It is simply awesome to meet again with people that you know from years ago and share a good time with them.

As in past editions I helped with the organization of this event. This year we wanted to do it in Castellón again, after some years in Madrid. It is a smaller place but I like it much more, since it is much easier to spend time with other attendees, and we always have very good moments after the conference having dinner in the sea shore.

Victoria Quirante spoke about Serializers

Victoria on stage

Our member Victoria did a great job examining the different options that we have in Symfony for serializing, with the Serializer Component and JMS Serializer Bundle.

To have a good comandment of serization is crucial to build clean APIs, and both tools are very powerful tools that make possible to create different representations of our resurces.

I (@nacmartin) spoke about JWT Tokens

Nacho on stage

I had the opportunity to talk about JWT Tokens. It is a much simpler technology for securing APIs than Oauth2, but I have seen during trainings and talking with people that some developers don't know what are they about, so I did my best to explain what are they and how to use them. As the topic is lighter than alternatives like Oauth, I had the opportunity of explainig it in depth, which is always nice.

See you next year!