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We are organizing React Alicante

React is exploding everywhere. It is the front technology that more people want to learn, and, what is more important, React devs are the most satisfied with their technology. The community is vibrant and the possibilities, with stuff like React VR, endless.

So why not having an international React conference in Spain?

React Alicante (photo credits: Jesús Alenda).

The event

React Alicante is born to help the React community grow, and create a yearly meeting point where React developers and beginners can meet, enjoying a few days of excellent talks, inspiring international atmosphere, and sun.

One of our main goals was to set an event that could be appealing to developers from all over the world. Currently we already have people coming from 25 different countries to this first edition, and we are absolutely thrilled about it.

Tickets include food and drinks, awesome talks, and better company.


Alicante is a great location. In the Mediterranean shore, it is a very popular destination with a great infrastructure. Its international airport receives 12M visitors a year, and and it has connections with anywhere in Europe. The climate is awesome, and September is an excellent time to visit. Not as crowded as August, while still retaining all the summer flavour.


We could not be happier with our speakers line-up for this year.

Some of our speakers are Anna Doubková, Erik Rasmussen, Forbes Lindesay, Andrey Okonetchnikov and Javi Velasco You can check the full line up and schedule at the conference site.

What now

The full program has been already announced. Follow the conference Twitter account for updates.

See you there!