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Limenius at SunshinePHP Miami

Hi there! We are especially cheery because we got a dose of healthy sunshine last week in Miami, where we attended the wonderful SunshinePHP.


There were very interesting talks this year. We attended some that were of special interest to us, about ReactPHP, PSR-7, ReactiveX or a very inspiring session about controlling devices with your brain, that made us want to play with one of these toys. We also enjoyed sharing time with old and new friends.

Our colleague Victoria (@vicqr) delivered a talk about a topic we have been working with in several projects, building admin panels.

Almost every project needs, apart from the part that users see, an admin panel for the business owners where they can manage the in and outs of the site. This part must be:

  • Flexible, so the business owner can ask for whatever control and we can do it. We have, in the past, embedded complex React applicaitions in sections of the Admin panels that required extra love. Being able to have total control is important at the end.
  • Usable, so business owners can have employees working with them without the need of trainings because the tool is difficult or counterintuitive.
  • Quick to develop, so we can spend more time in parts of the system that add direct value to the users of the page. If it is painless to add more sections to the admin panel, we will have less time to work on new features.

In Symfony projects we have been doing an extensive use to Sonata Admin in projects like DietoPro or Club Villamar. It has a learning curve that you have to pass, but it pays off. So we wanted to talk about it.

[UPDATE:] And it turns out that the authors of the bundle liked Victoria's talk a lot :).

Thanks a lot to the organizers and sponsors, we hope to see you again in a future edition!